National Team



Milton Calderon


Milton is pursuing a B.A in International Development and Economics as a Loran scholar at McGill University. Originally from Guatemala, Milton takes advantage of the opportunities available in Canada and is determined to utilizes them to improve other people's quality of life. Focused on sustainability, food security and youth empowerment, Milton's drive to create change led him to co-found MealCare. Milton has been recognized at the regional and national level for his dedication and visionary ideas.


Sanchit Gupta


Sanchit Gupta is a third year Cell Biology & Anatomy student minoring in Entrepreneurship at McGill University. Sanchit is an advocate for equality and access to equal opportunity. As a first generation Canadian himself, with immigrant parents from India, he has seen the global food waste and food security crises that exists everywhere. Once at McGill, he addressed both issues simultaneously and co-founded MealCare with the hope to help the people in need.

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Chloe Batista


Chloe joined MealCare after being inspired to work towards a world where food waste does not contribute to growing food insecurity. Studying Political Science and International Development, she is focused on influencing policy from the grassroots level, and contributing to sustainable development projects. Within MealCare, she designs and updates the official MealCare website and contributes to graphic design on MealCare media and products.