The Climate Strike


On March 15, tens of thousands of people worldwide participated in a Climate Strike. The event was initiated by a young girl in Sweden who had an unmatched passion for the environment and the changes that need to occur to protect it- Greta Thunberg began to skip school every Friday to protest. She called it Fridays for Future. The movement grew rapidly and on March 15, most countries worldwide held a climate strike. Here in Ottawa, hundreds of students, parents and passionate individuals left work and school behind to gather at Parliament Hill and Tabaret Lawn. The event was enthusiastic and loud, yet respectful and peaceful.

            Although the rally had a large turnout, and Prime Minister Trudeau released a statement claiming that the government will work harder to make sustainable decisions, the strike was only the beginning for many. There are currently several strikes, rallies and conferences planned throughout the next few months. This consistency is very important in order to ensure change, as oftentimes many citizens and government officials will forget about or ignore an issue once the main event is in the past. More specifically, events in Ottawa in April will include a discussion occurring on April 11 with author Mitchell Beer on How to Talk and Take Action on Climate Change and there will be a Rally for Climate Emergency outside City Hall on April 16. On April 27, a musical strike will take place beginning on Confederation Hill followed by a march to Parliament Hill.

            Reducing waste and its strain on the environment is one of MealCare’s main goals, and the enthusiasm surrounding this issue excites us! We are looking forward to what this shift in focus will bring to our organization and to this new chapter that will hopefully inspire sustainable decisions to be made by both the government and citizens.