Climate Action Week: A Sustainable Success

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This month, MealCare’s Ottawa Chapter would love to spotlight Climate Action Week 2019! This week-long program occurred over the week of Feb 14-23 and was hosted by a variety of organizations such as the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Sustainable Eastern Ontario and Ecology Ottawa. Recently, the City of Ottawa announced its excellent and progressive commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. This action week will aim to highlight the details of this decision to Ottawa citizens.

The overall goal of this program was to raise awareness about the benefits of renewable energy as well as discuss the importance of the city’s change at a level which an average person could understand and participate in. There were several successful events ongoing throughout the week such as round table discussions regarding energy sustainability, city tours visiting current renewable energy projects as well as specifically, Green Drinks for Ottawa: a bar night highlighting the importance of buying locally! Green Drinks is a group that meets regularly at the Fox and the Feather, an Ottawa-based pub on Elgin Street. Approximately 50 locals attended the Climate Action Week meeting on February 14th! The main event of the evening was a presentation by Robb Barnes, the executive director of Ecology Ottawa, who explained the City of Ottawa’s energy goals and specifics regarding the city’s current energy expenditures. Barnes also welcomed any discussion, questions or concerns regarding the on-coming changes. Overall, the Green Drinks meeting was a success, much like the rest of the action week’s events. The week-long program excelled at involving citizens in this important conversation by combining education with exciting activities.

The goal of Climate Action Week align greatly with that of MealCare! Both programs aim to educate the population about issues regarding sustainability and environmental preservation in a memorable and effective manner. We believe that when every citizen understands the state of our environment and the steps that need to be taken at an individual level in order protect it, real and sustainable change can occur! We must all commit to the betterment of the environment in order to see long-term environmental improvement. This may be by committing to renewable energy sources as Climate Action Week attempted to centralize, or through MealCare’s focus: limiting food waste.Overall, Climate Action Week 2019 was rewarding to all who participated and will hopefully continue in the years to come!